Crime Prevention Through Evironmental Design (CPTED)

 This 3 day / 24 Hour course is specifically designed for Crime Prevention Officers, Community Oriented Policing Officers or any other personnel charged with Crime Prevention duties.  This course is designed to give the student the fundamental knowledge regarding the theory, history and basic concepts of CPTED - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Crime Prevention Design Strategies will be discussed for parks, schools, high-rise buildings and various kinds of residential developments. This course will highlight the developing influence of law enforcement agencies in the architecture and design of various facilities with a goal of preventing crime and reducing law enforcement calls for service.

The History and Basic Elements of CPTED
Designing Out Crime” Strategies
Conducting a CPTED Survey
Lighting for Safety and Crime Prevention
Planning, Zoning and CPTED
Designs for ‘Walkable Neighborhoods
Real v. Symbolic Barriers
Landscaping, Fencing, Vegetation and Interior Walls
Report Writing and CPTED
Site Plans for CPTED Review
Case Studies.

Students will participate in several practical exercises in which they utilize the principles of CPTED in the actual review of various site plans and then engage in the presentation and examination of their projects



Tom McKay

Tom McKay has over 30 years of police experience encompassing crime prevention services, traffic and regional Breathalyzer and uniform patrol with an international reputation in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).  Over 5 years of estate administration at a leading trust company. A hardworking, motivated, enthusiastic, multi-award winning, team builder who is known to get results.

He has over 23 years’ experience as a CPTED specialist for Canada's 3rd largest municipal police service. Designated as a subject matter expert by the Police Executive Research Forum in Washington D.C. and subsequently signed to a contract to provide on-site technical assistance (as required) to Police Agencies in the United States as part of a Problem-Solving Partnership grant under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Justice.

He has been Involved in hundreds of CPTED audits, site plan reviews, presentations and problem solving initiatives. Developed numerous CPTED and crime prevention courses using adult education techniques. He has taught CPTED courses and problem oriented policing workshops throughout North America.  Wrote and developed Peel Regional Police fact sheets.  Published 25 CPTED and crime prevention articles in a variety of leading, international publications.  Founded and chair CPTED Ontario.



Cost for this program is $350 and includes a 1 year membership with the ISCPP

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